Project Partners

TISIP – Norway / Coordinator

The research foundation TISIP was founded in 1985. TISIP is a small R&D foundation located in Trondheim, Norway. TISIP act as a project organization with four permanent employees.

TISIPs main activities are:

  • Research and development projects in ICT end eLearning, at national and European level
  • Tertiary Vocational Education, certified by the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education
  • Tailor made e-learning for industry
  • Courses in ICT and Teacher training
  • Editor of 17 Norwegian Text books

Alexander Technological Educational Institution, ATEI – Greece

ATEI of Thessaloniki was established in 1983 and is an independent, self-goverende organisations, supervised by the Greek Ministry of Education.. Today, ATEI has 18 departments which are accomodated in 4 schools and a population of more than 20000 students.

ATEI aims at providing education of high quality standard on applied technologies. ATEI students acuruire knowlegde and skills on recent scientific and technological developments and, upon graduating, they are expected to play a key role on linking theory to practice and trasfer technology from academia to real life implementations. To fullfill its mission, the ATEI participates in national and international research and development projects and maintain links with industry, business and other types of organizations.

During the project period, partner ATEI has been merged into and become part of International Hellenic University:

Social project institute – Lithuania

Social Projects Institute (SPI) – founded in 2015, with a strong, responsible institution management apparatus – is a private, independent organization, which is not subordinated either physically or morally for any commercial structure, political party, religious confession.

SPI goal: We strive for comprehensive progress in society.

Mission: Creating and implementing of social projects for public benefit: project development, provision of information of social interest, information exchange between institutions, research, surveys, exhibitions, trainings, competitions, support for citizens by helping to achieve or promote their legitimate goals.

RETHINK Learning Technologies AS – Norway

RETHINK Learning Technologies is an eLearning production company. They produce rich mulitimedia eLearning content for large industry companies and public sector.

The production phase comprises the entire process, with manuscript development, course storyline production, multimedia development (including motion grapcics and film production), voiceover productions and course packaging (SCORM/xAPI) and LMS installation.

During the project period, partner Rethink Learning has been taken over by Norsk Interaktiv AS:

Universita Degli Studi di Roma la Sapienza – Italy

Department of Computer,Control, and  Management Engineering – DIAG, estabished in 1983  have70 facluties and 70 phd / post docs.

Internationally renowend research groups in computer science, system science and management science are active at DIAG. Basic research is the main goal, with strong emphasis on interdiciplinary research, on application that stimulate basic research, and on technology transfer and dissemination of results.

Anne Fox ApS – Denmark

Anne Fox is a consultancy and training business which was started in 2010 by Anne Fox. It is a one-person business. Anne Fox offers tailor-made English coaching for employees and university students to TOEFL and IELTS level.

She is also a teacher trainer in the area of ICT integration, facilitating Trinity College validated courses for language teachers worldwide through the Barcelona-based Consultants-E using a social learning approach. As well as facilitating short courses in podcasting, webquests and e-networks, Anne Fox was a co-author of the 20 week Certificate in Teaching Languages with Technology which started in 2009 and has been running five times a year up to the present.