IO4-The 9-Conversations Course

If you want to start a business in your new home but are not sure what the rules are or who can help you then the the 9 Conversations programme may be able to help. Work with a small group of people with a similar goal and with a facilitator who knows the local area to develop your business idea.

By the end of the course you will:

  1. Be able to complete an EU skills profile. That will be useful in presenting yourself to your new professional network.
  2. Be able to decide on a business idea to explore in the rest of the course.The idea will link the personal profile (in the EU skills profile) and the new local business environment of the participant.
  3. Be able to explain what a Business Model Canvas (BMC) is, for example to a fellow refugee.
  4. Produce a BMC for a specific business idea rooted in the local community and personal context that includes all 9 elements of the BMC.
  5. Able to give constructive feedback on your study colleagues’ completed BMCs and to reflect on your own.


We have prepared the course so that it can run within this website or if you have a local group with someone willing to act as the facilitator, you can find the necessary materials below.

Access the full 9-Step curriculum document here.

The workbook before local adaptation is here 9 Conversations workbook [11 Mb].

The 9-week course is presented as 9 steps and each step has an associated Google Slide presentation which can be copied to be translated and edited to fit local conditions. Find the presentations here.

Once you have edited the presentations you can save them as PDFs (with notes) to act as learner workbooks.

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