IO1-Business start-up FAQ for the partner countries

This lntellectual Output serves as an analysis of the differences between the partner countries in setting up a business. It is also an analysis of the differences in business practices between the EU and originating refugee countries ie intercultural differences. The idea that the analysis should end in the format of a FAQ means that it will be useful starter material for the course materials that the project finally produces. The partnership will agree on a common set of questions that need to be answered based on readily available information in each partner country supplemented by short interviews with existing refugee businesses. Questions such as “What do l need to do to set up a business?” “How much does it cost to set up a business?” “What special taxes do lneed to pay?” “What sort of reporting do l have to do for example to the tax authorities?”

The FAQ cannot cover every possibility but will serve as an introduction to the topic. We will aim to include 20-30 questions. The questions chosen will reflect the concerns of refugee entrepreneurs such as the involvement of family members as employees and financing. Where we can record interviews we will seek permission to be able to use these recordings in the final course. 

The innovation is in presenting an introduction to the topic as a FAQ rather than a report. This means that we can use this initial discovery phase in our final course materials. 

FAQ – Select country and language

FAQ for Denmark
in English
FAQ for Greece
in English
FAQ for Italy
in English
FAQ for Lithuania in English
FAQ for Norway in English

FAQ for Denmark in Danish
FAQ for Greece in Greek
FAQ for Italy
in Italian
FAQ for Lithuania in Lithuanian
FAQ for Norway
in Norwegian

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