Which local organizations can help free of charge? E.g Business clubs, business advisory organizations etc.?

Qualification Centre for Immigrants

More information
Qualification Centre for Immigrants – INN
Phone: +47 72 54 00 00
Email: tk.postmottak@trondheim.kommune.no
WEB: https://www.trondheim.kommune.no/org/helse-og-velferd/kvalifiseringssenteret-for-innvandrere/

INN’s mission is to help participants in the compulsory 2 yearly Introductory course to work or follow Norwegian based regular education, in a way that they become active in the local community as soon as possible.
Trondheim Adult Education Centre – EVO
Phone: +47 72 54 49 30
Email: voksenopplaring.postmottak@trondheim.kommune.no
WEB: https://www.trondheim.kommune.no/voksenopplaring/

EVO is a unit for Adult Education belonging to Trondheim municipality, and whose purpose is to give Norwegian language education to refugees, and immigrants, and elementary education for adults, including special education. The unit uses job-oriented Norwegian in their education and cooperates with Trondelag county and with the Norwegian National Welfare Organisation (NAV).