Where should my business be located? 

For a physical store:

  • Close to your customers and your target group.
  • Closer than your competitors.
  • High-end products must be sold from a “high-end” location.

For an internet store:

  • Online, spend your money on advertising, not on a fancy location.

More information
The location of your business should be decided based upon what you are going to sell and who your target group is. In general, it is a good idea to be close to your customers. Many people consider it a great negative cost if they must travel far or spend a lot of time to buy the product they want. If your target group is in the city of Trondheim, you probably will not sell anything if people must travel outside the city to get your products.

A good advice is to be equally close or closer to your customers than your competitors. Often it is better to have a smaller more expensive location close to your customers, than a bigger and cheaper location further away.

I you are offering a service where you are going to the customers, the location is not that important. In that case you should rather spend your money on marketing, rather than on a fancy located office.

If you are only going to sell products through the Internet the location of the actual office is not that important, just remember to think about logistics if you are sending products from your office location.