Where do you plan to get your financial resources to start the business? 

The short answer to this question is:

  • Personal savings.
  • Loan from bank (need security).
  • Crowd funding.
  • Public help or funding programs.

More information
To start a business, you need access to start-up capital. There are different possible financial resources, but many of the may not be available would be entrepreneur. Most people starting a small business must use their own savings to get a business started. If you have financial security, you can go to the bank and try to get a loan.

It is also possible to try to get start-up capital from crowd funding through a web site where you can present your business idea. If enough people see the need for your company, service or product you may get funding from the “crowd”.

In Norway we also have some government agencies and initiatives that can help “would be” entrepreneurs get some financing help or funding.

A good idea is to make a realistic budget and take contact with Innovation Norway or your local bank.

You can read more about start-up funding in Norway at this link: https://www.innovasjonnorge.no/no/tjenester/finansiering/