How do I increase the reputation of my refugee-owned business?

The short answer is that you should:

  • Be friendly.
  • Always deliver what you have promised.
  • Listen to your customer needs.
  • Give precise and accurate information about what product or service you can offer.
  • Love your customers, not your product.
  • Handle complaints whit a smile and try to help the customer.

Use complaints to get avoid similar complaints in the future.

More information
To get a good reputation is all about delivering the best value to your customer segments/target group. The customer will always choose to buy from the company that delivers the highest perceived customer value (PCV). To build a good reputation you must find out what adds value to your customers and what is seen as a cost to your customers. Many things can help create value, the product, the service, the persons selling it or the brand or image. On the cost side comes from the price, the time spent, the use of energy and psychological cost related to the product or service.

To get a good reputation it is important that you can deliver what your customers wants and that you deliver what you have promised. You should also look at your competitors and see what their weaknesses are. If you can deliver something that are important to your target group, better than the competitors, it will help to build a good or better reputation.

It is important that you talk to your customers to find out what they like about your company and product because this will help you enhance the positive sides and your reputation. Equally important it is to find out what the customers does not like, because this will be areas you need to improve.

A good rule is to take really good care of existing customers. You should love your customers, not the product. A satisfied customer spread the word to other potential customers and helps you build a better reputation day by day.