What is a mobile business? 

Mobile business, more commonly referred to as electronic business or e-commerce in Lithuania, covers not only purchase and sale of various goods and services online, but also supply, orders, advertising, consulting, various agreements and business cooperation.

E-shops are the most developed area of electronic business in Lithuania. Examples of popular e-shops: pigu.lt, senukai.lt, varle.lt, barbora.lt.

More information:

E-business advantages:

  1. Provides more information on products and company, attracts more users;
  2. Provides opportunity to receive customer feedback, gather information about customers, process it and thus meet customer needs more effectively.
  3. Selling without a need for agents, without renting premises, lower number of employees, thus being able to offer lower prices for goods and services you provide.
  4. Convenient information system of the company;
  5. Developing the image of an innovative company;
  6. New international business possibilities.

Where to start?

  1. Analyse the market segment of interest; evaluate competition and development possibilities.
  2. At the start of your business, especially if you are engaged in individual production (making clothes, handbags, crafting jewellery, etc.) online social networking (e.g., Facebook) features come in handy.
  3. Then you could launch an e-shop as your business grows. Create a plan of your goods and services, decide on your range and then contact website developers who will create your e-shop design and web page with a database.
  4. Buy a website address and domain for your website.

Make sure that your website is suitable for mobile phones, as “Google” ranking system is more favourable for websites adapted for mobile use. This means, that websites suitable for mobile phones will appear higher in “Google” searches. This is especially important in Lithuania, as surveys suggest that customers usually search for goods online rather than in a specific shop.