Can I start right away? 

You can start your business in Lithuania only after completing all the necessary formalities.

More information:

If you choose individual activity under an individual activity certificate, you can start your business the same day you submit an application and provide personal identification documents to the STI.

If you decide to engage individual activity under a business licence, you will be able to start your business within 4 days after submission of documents to the STI and the payment of a defined personal income tax (GPM) contribution.

Should you select another type of business (private limited liability company, individual enterprise or small partnership), which requires the establishment of a company (registering in the Register of Legal Entities), you will encounter greater bureaucracy and the process may take up to 3 weeks.

Currently, there are many companies in Lithuania that provide paid services and help to set up a company: prepare documentation, provide consultations in Lithuanian and foreign languages (English, Russian).

Organizations that provide services free of charge are listed under the FAQ question “Which local organisations can help free of charge?”.