What cultural differences should I be aware of?  

What have you noticed is different about Denmark compared to your home country? This could affect how your business runs and whether it succeeds.  

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Compared to many other countries in Denmark there is: 

A high degree of trust 

A high level of equality for example between men and women 

Great informality between people, for example between bosses and their employees 

An expectation that every adult will support themselves financially. 

Rules are enforced. For example, if you do not report your VAT receipts then you will be fined until you make an entry even if you have zero VAT to report. 

But Danes are brought up to be allowed to do whatever is reasonable and does not inconvenience others. 

There is great flexibility in Denmark and Danes do not have as much of a long-term perspective as other cultures. So, for example they may not think about their pensions until very late in life. You can use this tool to compare your country with Denmark. Not all countries are covered so you may need to choose a similar country to your own.