What will be the costs to set up the business and run it for the first few months?

It is important to work out realistically how much it will cost you to set up your business. You should find out set-up costs and also how much it will cost to run the business in the first few months, not forgetting to pay yourself a salary. Knowing this information will help you when you set up a business bank account. Even if you do not need a commercial loan, you will still need to set up a dedicated business bank account that the tax authorities can use to give you tax refunds or from which you will pay tax. In Denmark, you must not use your private bank account to run a business. 

More information
If you try to run a business from your private bank account, then the bank will likely shut down your account and you will not be allowed to use that bank again.
You should be ready to talk about your expected costs and revenue when you go to open a business bank account.