Partner meeting in Rome

The partner meeting took place in Rome, Italy from 18th to 20th of October 2019 as planned.
On the 19th of October the second Multiplier Event was held, where the results so far in the project was presented and discussed, se more details on Public Events, under Course materials.

The meeting took place at University of Rome, La Sapienza (U o Rome) in their campus.

On the first day (the 18th) we were able to discuss and further develop all the Intellectual Outputs (IO) in great detail. For IO-1 to IO-3, which are almost finished, some additional adjustments were devised. More Life stories will be published in a common You Tube channel texted in all partnership languages is one example.

On the second day (the 19th) we evaluated the Multiplier event form the day before, we had an update of all type of Project management issues (Interim report, time sheets, budget, quality assurance, dissemination and impact). We planned for the work ahead, both the upcoming Net meetings as well as the fourth Partner meeting in Lithuania. Members from the project group was also invited to join the Multiplier event in the DISCOW project in the afternoon.

The project group was invited by University of Rome and Marco to a very nice dinner at VECCIA Roma a famous and informal Roman restaurant from 1916.