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The aim of E2 is to disseminate the project to the local refugees and the professionals and volonteers associated with them. In this one-day event manly targeted at the local area, the developed course materials will be presented and participants can try out variuos parts of the proposed course. This mulitiplier event will be a showcase of some of the innovative approaches adoped by the project in terms of pedagogy, UDL and entrepreneurship.

Public presentations from Multiplier Event 2

Multiplier Event number 2 was held on Tuesday, November 19, in conjunction with the project’s partner meeting from November 18-20, in Rome, Italy. The following list contains the official presentations:

  • Introduction by 9 Conversation’s project manager, Thorleif Hjeltnes. Download file.
  • Presentation of IO1, IO2 and IO3 by project partner, Demosthenes Stamatis. Download file.
  • Presentation of IO4 and IO6 by project partners Anne Fox and Marco Temperini. Download file.
  • Presentation of IO7 by project partners Arne B. Mikalsen and Svein Even Skogen. Download file.
  • The path to integration. A presentation by Paola Berbeglia. Download file.

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Course materials

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